Established in 2009, Crust Minechem Pvt Ltd is a creative team of engineers, designers, technicians, and strategic thinkers who are passionate about providing solutions for purification of Food & Beverage and Petro Chemical. Crust Minechem has the expertise and equipment to manufacture the best quality wood-based Steam Activated Carbon Powder i.e. Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC), Granular Activated Carbon(GAC). Our plant is located in the industrial hub of Kutch District of Gujarat State just 35 miles from India’s major container port i.e. Mundra Port.

ISO Certificate

We are one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based Steam PAC with monthly production of over 150 MT and annual turnover around the US $36 million. Activated Carbon produced by us is directly used for Water Purification and decolor, deodorize, desulphurize, extract impurities & poisonous substances from Oil and Gas. Further, we could also produce material as per your specific requirement.

Presently we are operating with six Rotary kilns. Due to the abundant availability of raw material and favourable environment & atmosphere, our production & supply remains the same throughout the years. Our plant is spread in 3 acres land and has enough space to stock the material and containers since we have the facility of Self-sealing container at the plant.

Our future endeavours includes the production of Acid washed Carbon, Impregnated Carbon and Extruded Activated Carbon (EAC).





Diversification of business activities
Efficient receivable and payable management
Geographic diversification of market
Diversified supplier and customer base